Watching Out For Democracy

These pictures (the photos of the American Capitol being overrun on 1/6/21) made me angry and sad. But I am sure: American democracy will prove to be much stronger than the aggressors and rioters. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel

Although I’ve been politically active for the past five years, I have not written about political topics in this blog. Partly, because I write for international readership and because I want my posts to affirm, challenge, and help readers move forward with their hopes and dreams and not be distracted by political dialogue. 

Today, I deviate from this blog philosophy. For centuries, my relatives fought for freedom, starting with the Revolutionary War in 1775. I value freedom and I love my country. The day after the unprecedented attack on our Capitol, I’m in shock—a feeling not unlike the one I had after the 9/11 attacks. 

I fervently hope Chancellor Merkel is correct in her assessment of our democracy. I hope and pray that decency, truthfulness, and a respect for our democracy will return to our government and to our citizenry as we move forward into 2021. 

Affirmation: I stand for democracy.

Coaching questions: No questions today—I’m sure you’re adrift in your own question—I am. 

Photo by Sue Tucker on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Watching Out For Democracy

  1. Appreciate your making a statement about the events yesterday–I’m a bit afloat too, although certain that there are so many good people out there who also care deeply about our country and the democratic process of free and fair elections, that our democracy will make it through this challenging time. IT’s clear to me that democracy is fragile–it takes constant awareness and action by all of us to stay strong!!

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