Welcome to my site! The blog title is mother loss because I’ve written a book entitled Mom’s Gone, Now What? Ten steps to help daughters move forward after mother loss. Watch for a publication date!

My goal for this blog is to build community while sharing information and ideas on a variety of topics related to vibrant living .

As a Certified Life Coach, I include coaching questions/requests along with an affirmation with each blog post to challenge you to become your best self.

You’re invited to leave messages to which I will respond. I look forward to hearing from you. Please “follow” me so we can stay in touch.

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It’s OK To Cry

Think of all the incredible things we didn’t get to hear because someone was scared we would see them cry. Jennifer Palmieri, author of Dear Madam President In her book, Dear Madam President, Jennifer Palmieri writes an open letter to future women leaders who, in her words, “will run the world.” Palmieri imparts valuable advice to these potential leaders including—show … Continue reading It’s OK To Cry

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