The Joy of Music

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” Victor Hugo

The “getting to know you” question for our Girl Talk God Talk group today was “what brings you joy”? Of course many, many things bring me joy but the first thing that came to mind was music. One of the things I do in the morning is turn on music to get my day going, our beautiful 30 person church choir adds so much to worship, even the elderly gentleman playing the guitar and harmonica (at the same time) at the pancake breakfast was a joy. One of my fondest memories is enjoying the Chicago Symphony live.

Music seems to “soak into” our psyches and has the power to change our mood and our thoughts. How many remember the words to songs from your teenage years but can’t remember what you had for breakfast? The power of music. Bring it into your life. Let it soothe you, excite you, sing to your soul.

Affirmation: I am worthy of experiencing joy everyday.

Coaching question: What bring you joy?

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