“I wanted to send you something special but how in the world do you send a HUG?”

This is a precious little cross stitched card I have on my bulletin board above my desk. My best friend, Nanc, sent it to me right after the hurricane when she knew I really needed a hug. She lives in Illinois…I live in Florida. We all need hugs, touches, pats…physical contact. Babies die without it. Nanc has the best hugs of anyone I know!

I didn’t come from a “huggie” family. My dad and I said, “I love you” every night but there wasn’t much physical affection between us. Right after my mother died, we went to California to visit my Aunt Lucy who had many Italian and Portuguese friends. One lovely Italian family with several daughters came running towards me with arms open when they first saw me…this little motherless girl. I was horrified! This was definitely out of my comfort zone. I endured and learned that not all families were like mine. Now…so many years later, I appreciate that outpouring of love for a stranger.

Affirmation: I deserve love and affection.

Coaching question: Think about your last hug. How did it feel? How do you respond to affection?


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