Laughing Out Loud

“Humor leads to social bonding due to shared positive emotions and the discharge of negative ones.” Nicole Fuentes quoted from Blue Zones newsletter

Yesterday I had the rare treat of spending the day with my daughter Katie and her family. Much of the day it was just the two of us hanging out while the kids were in school. We are both talkers and have a never-ending conversation punctuated with lots of loud laughter. While talking, we were making Christmas ornaments for her Etsy business Tuscanycreative. What a fun day!

I’ve read that people who laugh alot tend to be more extroverted, have higher levels of self-esteem, and lower levels of depression. Laughter is also good for your health…lowering your stress levels and releasing beneficial hormones.  I took a Laughter Vitamin yesterday and it felt really good.

Affirmation: Laughter makes me feel good, I feel good because I laugh.

Coaching questions: What brings you joy and laughter? Find something to laugh about today.

One thought on “Laughing Out Loud

  1. Tomorrow, April 8, is Holy Humor Sunday at OSUMC. It is a custom begun by the Greeks in the early centuries. Quote from our news letter written by Pastor David: …will be a time for laughter – not naive tittering, not sarcastic boisterousness, not angry irony, but deep, joyful laughter from the pit of our being.” Services at 9:00 and 10:30am.

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