A Hint of Heaven

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads. Henry David Thoreau

I’m a life-long Christian and definitely believe in an afterlife. I don’t, however, believe our heavenly experience will be a glorified earthly experience. BUT, if it was, for me it would look like a farmer’s market.

I  just returned from the sunny, warm, “heavenly” market with stuffed grape leaves for lunch, fresh paella for dinner, an heirloom tomato that looks like a flower when you slice it, fresh made mozzarella (from the Italian guy who made it) for pizza on Saturday, and a bit of asparagus.

PLUS, I spoke with three friends, got to pet a new born kitten at Save the Cats booth, drank a cup of really good coffee while listening to an old timer sing and play guitar. Then, I bought two personally autographed books from my author-friend, Pauline.  Heavenly!

Affirmation: I can create my own hint of heaven.

Coaching question: What does your hint of heaven look like?



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