Doll Houses

If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older. Sir Tom Stoppard, Knighted British playwright

Yesterday was my “day off.” I know, I’m retired so everyday is my day off. Even in retirement (thank goodness)  most of my days are scheduled and busy. I make an effort, however, to keep Thursdays free. Yesterday I went to the gym, planted some leftover flowers in the yard (Easter lilies and poinsettias), then I went to visit my wonderful friend, Donna. Her condo always feels like a peaceful sanctuary…her own beautiful art on the walls, a spectacular water view, her calming personality and true wisdom.

Today she had something special to share…a doll house she had made several years earlier. Architecturally, it was exactly like her grandmother’s house and the fixtures also reflected this house of the past…patchwork quilt, wallpaper, claw-foot tub, ice box, wood stove…many of the special touches she had created herself. Here we were, two 70-somethings head to head peering into this darling house, exclaiming over every detail. For several minutes we were delightfully transported to being little girls again. What a wonderful day off!!

If your childhood was full of adult responsibilities or cut short because of the loss of a mother, it is especially important to discover, recognize, and honor the child within you.

Affirmation: I honor the child within.

Coaching question: What keeps you in touch with your inner child? How does it feel with you honor her?

4 thoughts on “Doll Houses

  1. I think the current fad of adult coloring books is answering our need to keep the child-like behavior alive in all of us. Plus eating some of your favorite childhood foods like grilled cheese and tomato soup. That is still a favorite.

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