When you throw your bread out on the waters of life, it comes back buttered. Rev. Stanley Weems, my Presbyterian Pastor 47 years ago

The above quote is one of my very favorites. I believe it 100 percent. Which is to say, I think that when you are generous without expecting anything in return, good things frequently come back to you. Not only that, I believe that generous people are happier people. However, once when I told an overwhelmed friend of mine who was a very giving person, she responded, “Just be careful it doesn’t come back jammed as well.”

Archbishop Tutu in The Book of Joy says, “I’ve sometimes joked and said God doesn’t know very much math, because when you give to others, it should be that you are subtracting from yourself. But in this incredible kind of way…I’ve found that to be the case many times…you gave and it then seems like in fact you are making space for more to be given to you.”

Affirmation: I am generous.

Coaching question: In what ways can you become more generous? What difference might it make in your life?

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