Make Your Bed

Sleep sound in the knowledge that tomorrow you’ll have the strength to help fix the world just a bit more, because you’ll know just where to take your first healing step: Make your bed. T.R. Kerth, newspaper columnist and author of Revenge of the Sardines

When I started coaching in 1996, my first client was a woman who was depressed, chronically tired, and lacked motivation. She was recently divorced and hired me to help her “get her life back together.” Part of the the intake protocol I used was to have clients fill-out an assessment of their life activities including health, financial, etc. From this assessment, I learned that my client didn’t make her bed. My first coaching request was, “Make your bed everyday for the next week.”

Mr. Kerth (see quote above) was asked to do the same thing by his therapist when he was exhausted and overwhelmed after the recent death of his wife from yet another stroke…he had been her caretaker for eight years. Mr. Kerth says, “I took his advice, and I felt my depressed helplessness loosen its paralyzing grip on me at once. Besides now that the bed was made, there was less chance that I would retreat to it during a weak moment later in the day.” This is exactly what happened to my client! She slept better because she quit taking naps (who wants to make a bed twice in one day?), she gained momentum as she accomplished at least one thing even before brushing her teeth. She was on her way to getting her life back. Two great stories about the power of a single activity. What are you waiting for? Go make your bed!

Affirmation: A single step can make a difference

Coaching questions: What is one small step can you take to make a difference in your life? What’s keeping you from taking it?

2 thoughts on “Make Your Bed

  1. Mershon – I read your blog often and have found it helpful in so many ways. Today’s “make your bed” spoke directly to me! I do make my bed, but I have let many other things slide these last 7 months since Wills died. Your affirmation is the very thing I need this day to keep moving forward. Thank you so much!!!

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    1. I’m so glad this was helpful, Pat. Responses like yours keep me going. If I can make a difference in just one life it is worth it. Thank you and blessings to you in this brave new world in which you find yourself.


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