Old Treasures Spark Joy

The objects you decide to keep, the ones that gave you the spark of joy? Treasure them from now on. When you put things away, you can actually audibly say, “Hey, thank you for the good work today.” By doing so, it becomes easier for you to put the objects away and treasure them, which prolongs the spark of joy environment. Marie Kondo, Japanese consultant, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

When I returned to our summer-time condo in Illinois yesterday, I experienced what Kondo calls “the spark of joy” upon seeing some of my lifelong treasures. The cane rocking chair in which I was rocked as a baby, the walnut chest made from wood reclaimed from the first Nebraska homestead, my paper weight collection, pictures that my mom loved (shown below) and best of all, the picture that hung over my parents when they were married and then over Ken and I when we were married 16 years ago. In our minimalist condo, these treasures stand out and surround me with lovely memories.

Although these objects evoke memories of the past and my dead parents, they never make me sad. Rather, they bring me joy and gratitude for my family and a long life.

Affirmation: I value things that give me a “spark of joy.”

Coaching questions: What objects bring you particular joy? Are they lost amongst the clutter or do they stand out and remind of you the people you have loved?

IMG_2250 (1)

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