The Joys of Family

Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city. George Burns, American comedian (1896-1996)

One thing about living at least a thousand miles from my extended family is I really appreciate seeing them. In less than two weeks we have enjoyed many kids, grands and great grands including most of two whole groups at a family wedding. Last night I had dinner followed by a tea party and outing to the park with three grands…this morning, breakfast before church with my son and his family including two little blonde girls. Bliss!

The most heart wrenching event in my life was divorce…yes, even worse than individual death because it was the death of a family. However, 27 years later we are all still intact, just in a different unit. Life is forever changing….sometimes by choice, often by chance. Learning how to be resilient is the key.

Affirmation: I can weather the storms of life.

Coaching questions: What does family mean to you? How do they make a difference in your life? What tools do you have to weather the storms?

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