Celebrating Imperfection

The charm is in the imperfections. Harley Jessup, production designer and art director, Pixar Studios

Harley Jessup was the commencement speaker at the Oregon State University graduation I attended last Saturday. He has won both an Oscar and an Emmy for visual effects and has been a part of movies such as Monster’s, Inc, Coco, Ratatouille. He’s also written and illustrated three children’s books. He talked about how computer effects make edges smooth and perfect…part of his job is to create imperfections, thus making the object or character look authentic. He even said, “I wish there was a degree in imperfection.”

Doesn’t this just make you feel better about that saggy tummy or today’s blemish or those droopy eye lids? I love the notion of embracing our imperfections because they are what make us authentic, real, human.

Affirmation: I embrace my imperfections.

Coaching question: What imperfection will you embrace today…in yourself and in another? What difference will it make?

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