Telling The Truth

Humans lie better than any other creature on earth, and, oh lordy, do we pay a price for it. Lying messes with our mental and physical health, obscures our happiness. Martha Beck, author

While at the Jackson Hole Writers’ Conference, I had four critiques on a few pages of my book and concept. Three were short, one was ninety minutes. Critiquing is a balance between being truly honest without destroying the hopes and dreams (unless the manuscript is truly awful) of the would-be author.

We are so programmed to tell little lies. “I’m just fine” “I’d be happy to help out.” “Yes, I know my mother is in a better place. Yes, I’m happy for her.” What if we took an honesty day and only told the truth? What a wonderful way to re-boot our sensibilities and get back to our authentic selves.

Affirmation: I am a truth teller

Coaching questions: How would you benefit if you told the truth 100 percent of the time? Ready to try? Let me know how it goes.

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