Life: A Diva with a Lesson

So true and beautifully written.



While you live, you have to learn. You must. If you choose not to learn from the experiences life creates to teach you, you will probably become a very grumpy, lumpy person with an incredibly long, long list of all things horrible, awful and tragic that keep happening to you and you just can’t understand why. Well, maybe it’s because you haven’t even completed the first lesson. The lesson waaaaaay back when. The “step one” you decided to skip and sweep under the rug is still there. Oh, and guess what? You can’t go any further until you do it, learn it or fix it. Whatever it takes.

L I F E    I S    A    D I V A . 

There’s no getting around her. Still, you can effectively, positively develop your character and change your life drastically when you choose to take on all the…

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