The Yearly Bucket List Oath

 I solemnly swear to create memories that last a lifetime. I vow to make an impression on the world, not the couch. I promise to dream about unrealistic goals, and make them my reality. Author unknown

I’ve been working through my Bucket List in the last few years and have checked a few off that I never dreamed would come true. Here’s a sample: Visit Paris (twice), swim with the dolphins, ride a dogsled on a glacier (see photo), go to cooking school in France (I went to one in Julia Child’s French home), take a grandchild on a trip (I took Tuscany to NYC), read over 50 books in a year (last year), help a stranger go to college (Rosie), make fresh pasta using no machines (cooking school in Italy), revisit childhood memories in Dubois, Wyoming. Writing a book wasn’t on my bucket list but it is an unrealistic goal that I plan to make into reality.

What’s on your bucket list? Deciding what you want, writing it down, sending it out into the Universe makes a difference. Trust me.

Affirmation: I believe in dreams.

Coaching questions: If you don’t have a Bucket List, what’s keeping you from making one? Write down at least three things you dream of doing. If you do have a list, add three things to it.

IMG_2629Dogsledding on Alaskan glacier.

4 thoughts on “The Yearly Bucket List Oath

  1. I did not have any idea about dogsledding before this post. Thank You. I guess that You do not have any idea about this:

    Reindeer race

    It is free for everybody and it is unique in the whole World, but only possible in Finland.

    Happy and safe travels.

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