Being Strong

Being strong is only partly physical; it’s also mental, emotional, spiritual, and social. Maggie Fazeli Zard, RKC, senior fitness editor for Experience Life magazine.

This summer I’m focusing my workout program on strength training. My goal is to be physically stronger. However, I totally agree with Zard. Being strong is only partially about increasing how many pounds I can lift.

Even if I’m strong in aspects beyond physical doesn’t mean I’m bulletproof or failure resistant. It just means I move forward in all aspects of my life knowing I’m strong enough for the attempt. There is no “try” in my vocabulary….Tom, my strength coach, doesn’t let me use the word. I either will or I won’t. I know I’m strong enough to accept failure, adversity, or defeat as well as victory.

Affirmation: I am strong.

Coaching question: In what area do you need to build your strength? What step will you take to do this? How will it make a difference in your well-being?

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