Grab A Good Book

I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of anything than a book! Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Like Jane, I too love to read. For me, books open up a whole world of knowledge, armchair travel, intriguing stories, and personalities. I read printed books, Kindle books, and books with my ears. I love them all! Here are a few books I’ve enjoyed recently.

FictionThe Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane – my favorite of 2017, The Great Alone – outback Alaska, Paris In the Present Tense – beautiful and weird at the same time

Just finished reading—-The Good Liar by Catherine McKenzie – complex and a page turner,  Love and Ruin – about Martha Gellhorn, WWII era, The Language of Flowers – coming of age story, you’ll love it if you like flowers

Audio booksThe Flight Attendant – murder mystery, Calypso by humorist David Sedaris- fun and funny, Hillbilly Effigy – a memoir

Non-fictionThe Book of Joy – my favorite non-fiction of the decade! Dead Moms Club – a memoir, The Blue Zones – about aging well

Affirmation: Reading enriches my life.

Coaching questions: What do books mean to you? What have you read lately? If you’re not a reader, give it a try–read one book this month.

7 thoughts on “Grab A Good Book

  1. I too loved “Tea Girl.” I mostly read from my kindle. I find that the BIG books I usually choose are becoming too hard for me to hold without pain in my hands. And I fall asleep listening to audible books. Last night I downloaded the first Harry Potter book again after several years of not touching anything Harry Potter. I have 5 books on hold at the library. Three of them will not be released until September and already have a long waiting list of potential readers. So thanks for your list. I’m sure I will find them entertaining.


  2. Hi – the two best books I have read this year and highly recommend:

    The Rent Collector by Camron Wright 2012 (a sleeper only met one person

    who has read it before I told her about it) Barb Lindvall did it for book club

    and Educated a Memoir by Tara Westover 2018 I am doing for book club

    next year. After you read it check out Facebook or Google Morman Stories #903

    on April 9, 2018 and watch Q/A session with Tara – allow at least an hour for this interesting session with a remarkable woman – several aunts and cousin also participate in the dialogue.

    This was the most interesting session of her many book reviews. Renee

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