Oh No, It’s a Detour!

A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour. Anonymous

I’m one of those direction-challenged people who rarely know which direction is South. Detours put the Fear of God in me. I definitely don’t enjoy the scenery on a detour. 

I think the point of this quote, however, is about change. Can we remain happy as we encounter unexpected change in our life? How spontaneous can we be? Do we crumble when confronted with change or do we thrive? I’ve had much experience with change. Change I understand. I can navigate through change. Tell me to go three miles south then turn west….not so much.

Affirmation: I can enjoy the scenery of change.

Coaching questions: How do you handle change? Is your process working? What do you need to tweak in order to enjoy the scenery along the road of change?

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