Heading Back to Kindergarten

I always was a weird child. My mother told me the story that, in kindergarten, I would come home and tell her about this weird kid in my class who drew only with black crayons and didn’t speak to other kids. I asked about it so much that my mother brought it up with the teacher, who said, “What? That’s your son.” John Waters, film director, screenwriter, author, actor, comedian

I have three granddaughters starting kindergarten this fall. I’ve only had a chance to speak with one, Marcella, but, based on that conversation, I want to go back to kindergarten. First, it’s now all day with no naps. I hated the nap part. No milk lunch. Thank goodness. Remember the smell of souring milk in the halls? It made me want to gag. Craft centers abound, although, I’m told they are of shorter duration than in pre-school. And, the best part, the teacher reads to you three times a day….in the morning, after lunch, and before you go home.

Learning shapes, numbers, letters, printing, how to sound out words is a small price to pay for all that crafting and reading. Sign me up!

Affirmation: I know how to go back to a simpler life.

Coaching questions: What is it about kindergarten you’d like to go back to? What’s one thing you can do to satisfy the inner-child in you today?



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