At a Snail’s Pace

Snails do not despair for having short legs, but rejoice for being able to travel long distances in spite of them. Matshona Dhliwayo, Canadian philosopher, entrepreneur, author

Do you despair having short legs like the snail or extra pounds or thick ankles? Women in particular seem to see what needs to be “fixed” rather than what is terrific. Although I still lament those extra pounds that have plagued me most of my adult life, as I’ve aged I’ve become more and more thankful for a healthy body, no matter the flaws.

Frequently we can become so identified with the losses, heartaches and all that we despair, we lose sight of the those things for which we can rejoice. It might take the snail a week of non-stop travel to move a half mile down the road but he’s still moving forward. Be like the snail.

Affirmation: I rejoice in my healthy body and the ability to move forward.

Coaching question/request: What snail-like step can you take today to move away from despair? Think about the one thing you like the least about your body and affirm it anyway.


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