What Are You Tolerating?

Today’s political climate is annoying but I tolerate it because I want to live in the USA. I try to be tolerant of those with whom I disagree. Unfortunately, I’m tolerating my lack of significant political participation. 

Toleration dances with procrastination. You tolerate a loose button on your jacket. Every time you button your jacket, you think about how you must sew the button on before you lose it. Periodically thinking about the loose button is gradually draining your internal resources. You are procrastinating the act of sewing on the button and you’re tolerating the situation. Both inactions are zapping bits of energy.

The act of being tolerant and having toleration for others is different. I’m not crazy about the hot weather but I tolerate it. Short of moving away, what choice do I have? I’m tolerant of people with whom I disagree or people I can’t avoid who annoy me, like certain co-workers or relatives. Hot weather and disagreeable people can zap our energy too if we let them but we can’t do much about it. 

Change the things you can and seal up your energy drain. 

Affirmation: I take care of tolerations.

Coaching questions: What are two things you are tolerating right now? (a door that sticks, a leaky faucet, constant tiredness because you go to bed too late, an extra ten pounds, etc.)? What is one toleration you will take care of before Monday (or at least start to eliminate)? 

4 thoughts on “What Are You Tolerating?

  1. I have so many “piles” of stuff that need to be looked at that I can’t even prioritize them. But I may just start with the first pile that I can reach and start. That will be good. I’ll report back on my progress.

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