Find Your “Ocean”

Go to the ocean to calm down, to reconnect with the creator, to just be happy.  Nnedi Okorafor, Nigerian-American writer of fantasy and science fiction for children and adults.

I’m taking Nnedi’s advice. I’m writing my blog today from a tiki hut at the beach. It feels good. Breathing in and breathing out, feeling the breeze on my face, hearing the voices of children in the distance. It sounds like I’m sneaking in another mental health day but this is different. This morning was planned and is purposeful. 

You may not have a beach at your disposal (I know, I’m really lucky), but you do have a comfortable chair in a quiet corner. No? Well, what about driving your car to a quiet place and just sitting there for a few minutes if you need it? Find your “ocean,” reconnect with your creator, and just be happy.

Affirmation: I know how to calm myself.

Coaching questions/requests: Are you aware when you need to take a moment to calm down or are you so accustomed to chaos you are no longer aware? Take a scan of your mind and body. What do you notice? Respond accordingly.


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