I’m Not a Tiger’s Breakfast

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. Willie Nelson, American musician

We are hard-wired to notice and store negative experiences over positives ones. This negative bias kept us alive in the days when we lived in caves and were in danger of becoming a tiger’s breakfast. It’s one reason we dwell on the one critical comment over the many compliments we receive. We need to learn ways to over-ride this primal brain.

I love taking scenic photos to share with my Facebook friends. In doing this, I’m re-booting my positive thinking and establishing the habit of noticing the lovely and positive. As we look on the bright side of life, we turn away from the stressful and negative.

Affirmation: I look on the bright side.

Coaching questions: What keeps you out of the weeds of negativity? What’s something you can do today to walk on the bright side and override your negative inclinations? 


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