Pay Attention!

If we don’t consciously choose where we want to direct our attention, there will always be something in our path to misdirect it. Linda Stone, writer and consultant

Stone coined the phrase “continuous partial attention,” the idea that we pay partial attention continuously out of a desire to not miss anything. We are constantly on the lookout for something more interesting than what’s before us. In an age of endless distraction, paying attention to any one person, idea, or task at a time can be challenging.

Taking a moment between tasks will help you strength your attention factor. Deliberate rest will also recharge your energy. I’ve noticed that when I take a break from writing or other tasks, I return with renewed energy and focus. Time away is not lost productivity but the opposite. At this busy time of the year, take a break, a deep breath, and recharge so you can give your full attention to the people and events you treasure. 

Affirmation: I pay attention.

Coaching questions: What’s distracting you? What keeps you from giving tasks, friends or loved ones your full attention? What will you do to remedy your continuous partial attention? 

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