What’s Your Backup Plan?

In a remote bunker deep in the Arctic Circle, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault holds the world’s future. 

I know many in the United States are in the deep freeze this morning. So, I figured you can look out your windows and imagine Svalbard, Norway, an archipelago about 650 miles from the North Pole. This is home of the Global Seed Vault which stores and protects nearly a million food-seed varieties. These seeds will enable us to grow food in the wake of a human or natural disaster. 

American scientist, Cary Fowler, known as the father of the bank, spearheaded something concrete to prepare for an unknown future. The seeds represent stability for our crops and hope for a future including 48,000 kinds of beans and 162,000 types of rice from all over the world. 

Affirmation: I prepare for the future.

Coaching questions: What have you done to prepare for a crisis’ in your future? Financial savings, exploration of care facilities, a will, etc. To have peace of mind, prepare for the unexpected to the extent of your ability.

einar-storsul-663469-unsplashSvalbard, Norway

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