You Won’t Believe What I Just Did…

I, myself, am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions. Augusten Burroughs, American writer

I find people who can laugh at themselves very attractive. Self-deprecating individuals have enough self-esteem to make fun of their flaws, speak  honesty, and make me laugh. While these folks are tickling my funny bone, they are doing something good for themselves as well. Experts link self-deprecating humor with increased levels of optimism and an opportunity to be perceived as more lovable and approachable.

Laughing at ourselves introduces a little cheer into our otherwise serious world and lets others know it’s okay to be imperfect.

Affirmation: I can laugh at myself.

Coaching questions: Do you have a personal flaw or social faux pas story you tell on yourself? How do people respond to you? How do you perceive people who can laugh at themselves?


2 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe What I Just Did…

  1. I have social flaws that appear at least weekly. This past Monday I fell asleep in the recliner. The phone woke me up and after dealing with the call, I went into the dining room to continue work on my paperwork that I was sorting to prepare my taxes. About 45 minutes later I realized that my son had not arrived as expected. He is a very punctual person and if running late he would contact me. So I sent a text asking if he was still planning on coming. He responded that he was sitting in the family room on the couch right next to the recliner that I had been sleeping in 45 minutes earlier. He had arrived, let himself in and sat down on the couch. I had woken up and had not even glanced towards the couch. Now he has another reason to keep a close watch on my sanity and I have another story to tell on myself.

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