Is Your “Baggage” Packed Away or Scattered?

Keeping baggage from the past will leave no room for happiness in the future. Wayne Misner, author

Maria Kondo, 34, is a Japanese organizing consultant, author, and host of Netflix show Tidying Up. Her books have sold millions and have been translated into many languages. Apparently, clutter has no geographical boundaries. Kondo says, “When you put your house in order, you put your affairs and your past in order too. As a result, you can see quite clearly what you need in life and what you don’t, and what you should and shouldn’t do.” 

As a Life Coach, I find Kondo’s theory somewhat simplistic. I applaud the “getting rid of clutter” aspect. However, from my experience, a tidy house does not equate to a tidy mind. Clearing up the dark spaces, clutter, and cobwebs of our past takes dedicated internal work—frequently with a therapist, counselor, or coach. A clutter-free environment is a great first step. After that is accomplished, keep walking the, sometimes difficult, road to finding peace in your heart, mind, and soul.

Affirmation: I am working on me and my environment.

Coaching questions: What will you do to put your external and internal house in order? What’s one step you will take this week?


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