Remembering What’s Important

I’ll always remember the things you taught me and how much you loved me. Unknown

My mother died sixty-five years ago today. She was in my life for eight short years. I have mostly defined her influence on my life by her death; the importance of living each day to the fullest knowing that life can be short and how I grew to be independent and self-confident as a motherless daughter. It was only recently, as I wrote my book on mother loss, that I finally began to consider what she taught me before her death.

As she set card tables with linen cloths and handprinted china for her bridge club, she taught me how to be a gracious hostess and value of women friends. When she reprimanded me after I stuck my tongue out at the closed front door as she called me in for dinner, she taught me to show respect. Along the way, she also taught me manners and where to put the forks. I’m grateful for the things my mother taught me and I’m grateful for her love.

Affirmation: I will always remember.

Coaching questions: What did your mother teach you that you’re grateful for today? What are your precious early memories? What will your children, grand children, nieces or nephews remember as they recall your influence in their lives?

fullsizeoutput_c79.jpegMy family circa 1948

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