It’s OK To Cry

Think of all the incredible things we didn’t get to hear because someone was scared we would see them cry. Jennifer Palmieri, author of Dear Madam President

In her book, Dear Madam President, Jennifer Palmieri writes an open letter to future women leaders who, in her words, “will run the world.” Palmieri imparts valuable advice to these potential leaders including—show up as women, don’t try to emulate men, be who you are.

In addition to her specific leadership advice, Palmieri writes, “Think of all the times you have heard someone say they passed on sharing something that was particularly moving because they didn’t think they could get it out without crying. That’s a shame.”

In the wake of a worldwide pandemic, tears are being shed by unlikely people in unlikely places—in front of computers as we attend virtual church services, by nurses in the hallways of hospitals, in front of televisions as we try to absorb the drama that is unfolding, during FaceTime calls with our loved ones, following Zoom meetings where people were laid off from work, in our beds as we awake to another day of isolation. It’s okay to let the tears flow—they are healing.

Affirmation: My tears are a special part of me.

Coaching questions: What have you held back because you were afraid of displaying tears? What difference might you make if you showed your emotions? 


Photo by Tim Doerfler on Unsplash

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