Thanks, Dad!

Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad. Unknown

One of the most important factors that enables a daughter to move forward after the loss of her mother is who remains present for her. Perhaps this primary caregiver is a father, grandmother, family friend, or sibling. As a bewildered, motherless eight-year-old, my dad stepped in as my only parent and caregiver. We barely knew one another as he frequently had been absent from my life. First due to active duty in World War Two, later when he was recalled to serve in the Korean War. 

Fortunately, my dad stepped up to the task of rearing a daughter by himself. Although this arrangement was practically unheard of in the mid-50’s, he provided a calm, secure, nurturing presence in my life until his death at age ninety-two. I was blessed beyond measure!

Affirmation: I am grateful!

Coaching questions: At the time of loss in your life, who stepped up to help nurture you? What difference did this make in your life? 

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