Freedom is Never Free

Freedom cannot be bestowed—it must be achieved. Elbert Hubbard, American writer

Tomorrow, those of us who live in the USA will celebrate the anniversary of our nation’s independence. For the last 244 years, the cost of freedom was frequently borne by men and women who served in the military and those who supported them. Today, more than ever before, each of us must share in the cost of our future freedom as we take responsibility for one another in this time of global pandemic.

I’m wearing a mask in public, social distancing, not attending large events or meetings, eliminating travel and much more in order to ensure freedom, including good health, for myself and others in the future. I’m looking forward to reuniting with my family, singing together in church, eating in a restaurant, showing off my smile. But I know that freedom is not bestowed and it is never free. Freedom must be achieved.

Affirmation: I am willingly to pay the price for future freedom.

Coaching questions: How much are you wiling to pay for the future freedom of yourself, friends/family and countrymen? Consider the price others have paid as you celebrate our nation’s birthday. 

Photo by Spenser Sembrat on Unsplash

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