One Positive Outcome From the Pandemic

I passionately believe home cooking has vast benefit to individuals, families, community, environment and animal welfare, but in today’s busy society it is often the first thing we outsource. While some may argue this makes economic sense, the cost and benefit of doing so cannot be measured in dollars alone. Alyce Alexandra, author

I think one positive outcome of recent months, among others, has been the return to home cooking.

People in lockdown began to cook again out of necessity. Even now, with restaurants opening, many vulnerable people are staying home and cooking like never before in recent times. The family meal—long threatened—has partially returned. 

“So what’s good about all this?” asks the beleaguered home cook. Our health, for one thing. Home cooking generally means healthier meals with more fruits and vegetables, less fats, starches, and chemicals. 

I believe that magic happens when families sit down to eat a home cooked meal together. Conversations, relaxation, appreciation. I hope we don’t return to our Grab ’n Go eating style of the past. I hope this is one change that sticks around.

Affirmation: I believe in the home cooked family meal.

Coaching questions: What does mealtime look like at your house? If home cooked family meals are important to you, what will you do to move in this direction?

Because family mealtime is so rare, I had difficulty finding a photo.
This is from the American Cancer Society.

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