Even Clouds Have Silver Linings

There is no doubt that COVID-19 is a cloud that continues to hover over our world. For some the virus brought catastrophe—a lost loved one, lost business, lost job. For others, the impact has been less severe but, nevertheless, COVID has impacted all of us in some negative way.

But, as with all clouds, there are silver linings—needed rain, cooler temperatures, rainbows.  

My COVID silver linings have been time to write a new book and publish the book I’d spent three years writing. I’ve also become friends via email with my next door neighbor (a lovely lady from England) and a weekly opportunity to learn in a Zoom class taught by my editor, Elena, who lives in Washington state.

My granddaughter’s silver lining was the opportunity to teach herself to play the guitar. Some have planted gardens, read more books, reconnected with old friends, learned to cook new recipes. 

Affirmation: I believe in silver linings.

Coaching questions: What silver linings have you had in the last eight months? What have they meant to you?

Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

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