Learning to Dance In the Rain

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. Vivian Green, American singer and song writer

It’s been eight months. Have you learned to “dance in the rain” yet? There’s no doubt that we’ve been living in a storm. Some of you have literally been living in a storm of fire, rain, hurricanes, and tornados on top of the storm of a pandemic.

Dancing in the rain takes practice. If you’ve experienced storms in the past—death, divorce, financial crisis, health issues—you know what I mean. You’ve learned resiliency, patience, acceptance—or not. 

To me, dancing in the rain doesn’t mean I’m enjoying the storm. As I dance, I’m wishing for sunny days but dance I will because crying in the rain hasn’t worked for me, wishing away rainy days hasn’t worked for me, dancing in the rain works for me.

Affirmation: I will dance in the rain. 

Coaching questions: What does “dancing in the rain” look like to you? How do you handle the storms of life? What works, what doesn’t? What will you choose today?

4 thoughts on “Learning to Dance In the Rain

  1. Out looking for the BIGGEST puddle to jump into. That is what this picture says to me. It also reminds me of my mother. She and I would go walking in a summer rain together until were both quite adults. I haven’t done that for awhile. This is another thing to wait for in 2021. A summer rain to take a walk in. Hopefully with someone to enjoy the experience with.

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    1. I love that story! I can picture the two of you.
      My dad and I used to drive around after a rain and go through big puddles. We even drove under the flooded underpass. Crazy things happen when there’s no mom to tell you no.


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