Santa Knows Crabby Counts For Something–Right Lucy?

Sure, he knows if you’ve been naughty or nice but what about crabby? Doesn’t crabby count for something? Lucy from Peanuts

I’ve been a bit crabbier than usual this year. What about you? Along with Lucy, I’m wondering, “Doesn’t crabby count for something?”

My calm, cool, collected husband—bless his heart— doesn’t seem bothered by my crabbiness. That’s a big plus. My best friend affirms me in my crabbiness, admitting she feels pretty darn crabby herself sometimes and it’s ok. My adult children worry about my wellbeing—perhaps they sense my unaccustomed crabbiness. We’re not a family of worriers so their concern feels particularly loving. 

All in all, I think crabby counts for something this year and I’m expecting Santa to drop by—not on his sleigh, of course, but on his wave runner. Even Santa realizes that sometimes we’re all a bit crabby. 

Affirmation: It’s ok to be crabby sometimes.

Coaching questions: Have you been crabby lately? How have you handled it?

Photo by Lynda Hinton on Unsplash

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