Get Inspired By Oldsters

Growing old is no more than a bad habit which a busy person has no time to form. Andre Maurois, French author

Of course aging is real—more than “a bad habit” as Maurois claims. Some people age more quickly than others; disease sets in; injuries happen that speed up the aging process or keep someone from doing all they wish to do. 

On the other hand, when we’re busy doing what we love, making a difference, setting goals, we’re less likely to notice or care about our age. I’ve been reading about Grandma Moses, the famous painter who got her start in her late 70’s. She’s an inspiration as are the people listed below.

— Julia Hawkins, 103, oldest woman to compete on an American track – started running at 100.

— Nola Ochs, 95, recently earned her bachelor’s degree then went on to earn her master’s at 96 – moved into the campus dorms.

—Sister Madonna Bruder has completed over 45 Ironman competitions and continues to compete at 86.

—Harley Davidson rider, Gloria Tramonten Struck, 90, intends to embark on a cross country ride at 100.

—Oldest newly weds are George (103) and Darren (91) Kirby.

It’s not all about “doing,” it’s also about becoming and contributing.

Affirmation: I’m inspired by those who don’t let their age make a difference. 

Coaching questions: What does age mean to you? How do you feel about growing older? What do you want to accomplish in the next few years?   

Photo by on Unsplash

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