Keep Only What Gives You a Spark of Joy

Keep things because you love them–not just because. Marie Kondo, Japanese consultant and author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

When we return to our summertime condo in Illinois, I experience what Kondo calls “the spark of joy” upon seeing many of my lifelong treasures. These include the cane rocking chair in which I was rocked as a baby, the walnut chest made from wood reclaimed from the first Nebraska homestead, my paper weight collection, and the picture that hung behind my parents when they were married and behind my husband and me when we were married. 

In our minimalist condo, I’m surrounded by objects that bring me joy and gratitude for my family and history.

Affirmation: I value things that give me a “spark of joy.”

Coaching questions: What objects bring you joy? Are they lost amongst the clutter or do they stand out and remind of you the people you love and those who have loved you?

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