Is Quitting the Answer?

Quitting is hard, it’s scary, and it’s not always the answer. But sometimes it can be a constructive act that leads to greater personal growth and opportunity. Quinton Skinner, writer, (taken from an article in Experience Life Magazine)

Is there something in your life you need to quit—a relationship, a job, a bad habit, a living arrangement that is no longer serving you? As Skinner writes, quitting is hard, it’s scary, and it’s not always the answer. But, sometimes it is!

Annie Duke, author of Quit: The power of Knowing When to Walk Away, addresses what makes quitting so hard. She writes, “We’ve sunk costs and resources into the situation we don’t want to lose.” She goes on to explain how we often feel an aversion to the possible regret of switching more keenly that the discomfort of the current circumstance. Usually, we wait too long to make the change.

Some questions to ask yourself as you assess whether or not to quit: Do my current values still align with my past decision? What’s my motivation for quitting? Consider what you’ll gain, not just what you’ll lose.

Affirmation: The Latin origin of quit is quietus which means “to set free.” I will set myself free. 

Photo by Miguel Ángel Hernández on Unsplash

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