Learn to Manage Your Energy

Life is long and if you play it right, you can do most of the fun things you always wanted. You just need to have patience and manage your energy so you can ENJOY the things you do. Darius Foroux, The Medium

There was a day when I concentrated on managing my time but I’ve learned that it’s more important to manage my energy. I still write to do lists and check my calendar but I’ve learned to view my schedule with an eye to managing my energy rather than figuring out how many activities I can squeeze into a day. 

As a person who has always needed quiet time and plenty of sleep, it hasn’t been difficult  to switch my priorities. Foroux writes, “Learn what activities destroy your mood and drain your energy. Manage your life so that most of what you do makes you happy and adds to your energy.” We all have the same 24-hours in a day. You know how much time you have. Learn to honor your varying energy levels so you can make the most of your life while enjoying the things you do. 

Affirmation: I manage my expenditure of energy.

Coaching questions: What activities make you happy and add to your energy? In what ways do you manage your expenditure of energy? If there is something you need to adjust, what will you do this week to make changes?