Admitting Defeat

Blank, blank, and blank. Mershon

I’m one day away from writing a blog everyday for a year and I’m coming up with nothing—nothing! How is this possible? I’ve had a good, or not so good, idea for 364 days in a row and today I can’t think of a thing. Is it the first day of daylight savings that’s causing it? Am I at the bottom of the bucket? Who knew there were only 364 ideas in there?

I promise you that tomorrow I will have something meaty for you. Something that will forever change your life—or not. Probably not something funny as humor is my weak spot but perhaps something personal and spicy. Stay tuned.

Affirmation: I can admit defeat.

Coaching questions: How do you handle situations when you come up lacking? What helps you move forward despite the disappointing behavior? How do you affirm yourself?


Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash