Hug Hope To Your Chest

By showing up with hope to help others, I’m guaranteed that hope is present. Then my own hope increases. By creating hope for others, I end up awash in the stuff. Anne Lamott, author

When our world looks bleak and we feel like we’re drowning in fear, grief, pain, or anger sometimes we must rely on hope and faith to get us through. Tightly hugging hope to our chest is a way to stay on top of what is happening in our world. 

Like a life preserver works in the water, hope can keep our heads above the surface as we tread towards the shore. Hope comes from friends, family, faith, or even your pet. 

Affirmation: I’m hopeful.

Coaching questions: How do you remain hopeful in these difficult times?  Where do you find hope and inspiration?


Photo by Ron Smith on Unsplash

Four Places to Look For Joy

Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain. Joseph Campbell, American Professor of Literature

When a person is grieving, it is hard for them to imagine finding joy again in their life. It may take a while to rediscover who you are and what makes you happy. Look beyond your fears and insecurities of the present. Hiding there is joy. 

  1. Check out who is in your corner. If you’re rediscovering joy, it’s important to have supportive people around you. Friends and family who will not get on the “ain’t it awful” train with you but help you move in a new direction.
  2. Reach out and help others. Those times when we need emotional help the most are the times when helping others will mean the most to us. It sounds counterintuitive but it works.
  3. Get rid of the “shoulds” in your life. Do what you want to do, be who you want to be. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop beating yourself up. Be kind and gentle to yourself and you’ll be rewarded.
  4. Have an attitude of gratitude. You might feel less than grateful in the midst of sadness or grief. However, finding something for which you can be grateful everyday will help turn your life around.

Affirmation: I know where joy lives.

Coaching questions: If you’re looking for more joy in your life, what will you do today to help yourself move towards change? Is finding more joy worth the effort? I know one thing for sure—you’re worth it! You deserve joy in your life.