There Is No Place Like Home

It is a big world, full of things that steal your breath and fill your belly with fire…But where you go when you leave isn’t as important as where you go when you come home. Lindsay Edgar, author of Hour of the Bees

My husband and I are flying home to Marco Island, Florida today after being away for nearly four months. We traveled near and far (Oregon, Wyoming, Canada), spent quality time with all of our kids/spouses, grands, and great-grands (a total of 34 in all), saw a few old friends and had a marvelous, fun-filled, productive (I did get work done on my book) summer. But, as the saying goes, there is no place like home. 

We love our physical space, our beautiful island paradise, our precious friends. We have found our happy place for the Winter of our lives. We are truly blessed.

Affirmation: I love my home.

Coaching questions: Where is your happy place? If you’re not living there, what can you do now to help you get there later?