Who Cares About Polar Bears?

There’s no doubt that as the sea ice declines more and more bears are going to starve to death. Steven Amstrup, chief scientist for Polar Bears International

Today is International Polar Bear Day, a day set aside to consider the plight of polar bears internationally in the wake of man-made climate change. According to experts, the only solution for the long-term survival of the polar bear is to address climate change.

Even though polar bears are only active thirty-five percent of the day and resting for the remainder, they burn an average of 12,325 calories a day. They are like big cats, predatory carnivores with high energy metabolisms. Seals are their primary source of calories. Amstrup’s study projected that continued decline in sea ice would reduce the global population of bears by two thirds by 2050. You may not care about polar bears,  but what’s happening to them is a symptom of all of nature including our children and grandchildren. 

Affirmation: I care about nature.

Coaching questions and request: Is the climate crisis important to you? What can you do to make a difference? Become informed by the scientific community.


Photo by Alexandra Rose on Unsplash