Think You’re Too Old to_______, Think Again

Growing old is no more than a bad habit which a busy person has no time to form. Andre Maurois, French author

My next book project (I’m a glutton for punishment) is telling the stories of women from the Greatest and Silent Generations. Basically, women eighty years old and up. After writing a few similar stories for a newspaper, I discovered how rewarding it is to honor these women for what they have accomplished and are accomplishing. In the next few weeks I will have the honor of interviewing two women over 100. I can’t wait to hear their stories!

I haven’t interviewed these women (yet), but if you’re feeling “old,” consider these examples:

— Julia Hawkins, 103, oldest woman to compete on an American track – started running at 100.

— Nola Ochs recently earned her bachelor’s degree at 95 then went on to earn her master’s at 96 – moved into the campus dorms.

—Sister Madonna Bruder has completed over 45 Ironman competitions and continues to compete at 86.

—Harley Davidson rider, Gloria Tramonten Struck, 90, intends to embark on a cross country ride at 100.

—Oldest newly weds are George (103) and Darren (91) Kirby.

It’s not all about “doing,” it’s also about becoming and contributing. More on that another time. 

Affirmation: Age is just a number.

Coaching questions: What does age mean to you? How do you feel about growing older? What do you want to accomplish as you age?   


Photo by David Vilches on Unsplash