Most Honorable Peonies

Mother stands by the peony bed, reaches for one bloom, opens its petals and looks for a long time into peony lands where one short instant equals a whole year. Exerted from Czeslaw Milosz’s By the Peonies

On my morning walk yesterday, I took time to admire the last of the spring peonies. These beautiful plants can thrive for generations and have their origins in the Asian culture, particularly China where it represents good fortune and wealth. A traditional flower to include in a bridal bouquet, peonies also represent a happy marriage that overflows with peace.

My “Uncle” Paul (not my real uncle but my grandfather’s old friend) grew beautiful peonies and I have a fond memory of picking peonies in late May and putting them on the family graves. This gesture of honoring of our dead ancestors was an important lesson for a young girl. Ah, the many meanings of this lovely flower.

Affirmation: I take time to enjoy nature.

Coaching questions: What flower means something special to you? Will you take a moment today to appreciate nature?