Did You Know It’s Rubber Ducky Day?

One is never alone with a rubber duck. Douglas Adams, English author

According to National Calendar Day, today is National Rubber Ducky Day. Who knew? The Sesame Street calendar, that’s who! Their 1973 calendar says that Rubber Duckie’s birthday is January 13th. A friend of Ernie and Big Bird, Duckie made his debut in a February 1970 episode. 

I think a good long bath with a rubber ducky, if you have one, is just the ticket for celebrating this auspicious day of the year. You in??

Affirmation: I will celebrate National Rubber Ducky Day with a smile on my face.

Coaching questions: How does this silliness resonate with you? Did/do you or your kids or grands have a a rubber ducky?

Photo by Jason Richard on Unsplash