Little Things Count

I think little things are more powerful because they’re more honest, so people feel them more strongly. Elizabeth Peyton, American painter

My daughter, Katie, makes lots of little things out of felt, selling some in a retail store but mostly at Tuscanycreative on Amazon and This morning she received an email from a customer who bought a set of small, felt animals from her (see below) a few months ago. Katie’s client gave the lion and tiger to her friend who was dying of cancer to remind her to fight. Her friend took them with her to the hospital each time she went. Before she friend died on June 14th, she requested to be cremated with her lion and tiger because they meant so much to her. Katie’s customer is now ordering two more sets, one for her friend’s sad mother and one for herself.

Little things count! Don’t discount the little gifts, cards, affirming comments or other small things you do for others–they may mean much more than you can imagine.


Katie’s  Jungle Animal Stuffs Toys

Affirmation: I honor the little, thoughtful things people do for me.

Coaching questions: What is a small gesture or gift you received recently that meant something special to you? What small thing have you recently done for a friend or relative? What do these little things mean to you?