NOT Being a Racist is NOT Enough

White privilege is an absence of the consequences of racism. An absence of structural discrimination, an absence of your race being viewed as a problem first and foremost. Reni Eddo-Lodge, author

White Privilege in the United States doesn’t mean your life isn’t hard, can’t be hard, or was never hard. It means the color of your skin will never be a factor in what’s causing your difficulties. I’ve only recently come to embrace the fact that simply not being a racist isn’t enough. I must fight against racism when I see it.

As a Caucasian living in a world of White Privilege, I need to begin to recognize systems that are hurting or hindering people due to the color of their skin. I need to stay focused on their plight and make my voice heard.

Affirmation: I’m awake to the plight of others.

Coaching questions: If you’re Caucasian, consider what White Privilege means in your life? If you are a person of color, help your white friend or colleague understand what not being white in the U.S. has meant in your life?