Write to Heal

My research shows that writing 20 minutes a day for four consecutive days about a traumatic event in your life has measurable health benefits that last for days, weeks, even months.” James W. Pennebaker, social psychologist , University of Texas, Austin

I’m definitely a talker but I’ve always been a writer as well. Years ago I wrote poetry, I’ve written a book (I’m currently writing a book), I earned a living writing newsletters, brochures, scripts. For my well-being, I’ve written daily gratitude journals, prayer journals, affirmations. I’ve never written for the purpose of healing specifically, but I don’t doubt Pennebaker’s research.

When I turned 50 and had a Croning Ceremony, my therapist, Barbra McCoy Getz, had me write a letter to my mother who had been dead 42 years at the time. It was a healing opportunity that definitely helped me get in touch with some deep-seated feelings.

Affirmation: My writing heals me.

Coaching questions: If you believe this research to be true, what will you write about? What difference to you expect it will make?

2 thoughts on “Write to Heal

  1. After the death of my former husband, I journaled nearly every day for 3 1/2 years. It was an amazing healing experience as part of that journey. I have been thinking about looking back at those entries and perhaps putting together a scripture based book about grief.


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