Roller Coaster Ride

“Stay in your seat come times of trouble. Its only people who jump off the roller coaster who get hurt.” Paul Harvey

It’s Palm Sunday, the day Jesus was hailed a hero as he entered Jerusalem. But, as a Christian, during this week I will also remember his persecution, death, mourning of his followers, sightings, all culminating in a joyous resurrection celebration next Sunday. Talk about a roller coaster ride!

Life’s like that for us too…not as dramatic or memorable but a roller coaster ride never the less. Perhaps you have had the life changing low of a stroke, mother loss, husband loss, divorce, child loss, the emotional devastation of war. As Paul Harvey says, stay in your seat, ride it out and envision a resurrection of sorts at the end.

Affirmation: I’m strong. I can ride out the storms of my life.

Coaching questions: What is “holding you in your seat?” What’s your vision at the end of the ride?

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